29. November 2022

Rules and Regulations of Park

Please see the New York City Rules for comment or learn more about the rules proposed by parks and other municipal authorities. d. Parking of motor vehicles is not permitted in lawns or areas marked by painted sidewalks, signage or both as “no parking”. One. The possession and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in city parks, except in the following cases: a. A permit is required if a person wishes the exclusive use of a specific area, building or other park, or for special cultural, educational, political, religious or recreational events. Any person holding an authorization must comply with the RULES AND REGULATIONS set out in this document in addition to the specific conditions listed on the permit. To obtain a parking permit or rent a parking facility, contact the Park Permits Office at 651-266-6400. Service animals trained to assist people with disabilities are permitted in all park facilities, with the exception of entering designated swimming areas of water sports facilities. One.

No person shall disembark or commence a ship in any park or wharf, moor or anchor a ship in the waters of the Mississippi River for a period exceeding seventy-two (72) hours, except in places designated by the Director. b. People may only enter parking areas at designated public entrances, and no one may enter parks with a “No Entry” or “Employees Only” sign. The City of Saint Paul considers it necessary that rules and by-laws be adopted under section 170.06 of the Legislative Code of Saint Paul in order to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all persons participating in park activities. These rules are also intended to ensure the long-term enjoyment and protection of the city`s natural resources. Exceptions to these rules must be approved in writing by the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation or the Commissioner. Smoking is prohibited in all parks, beaches and pedestrian streets. Visit the Smoke-Free Parks page to learn more about this new law.

b. A permit is required for all caches placed in City of Saint Paul parks as part of a geocaching program. g. Any vessel kept in park waters must be equipped in accordance with the law and must be inspected; Vessels that do not meet the requirements are not allowed to navigate on a lake. One. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and snowmobiles are permitted in city parks, including lakes. e. Motor vehicles parked illegally on the parking area may be marked or towed at the owner`s expense. One. Fishing is permitted on the city`s lakes and ponds in designated areas and only in accordance with applicable Minnesota fishing laws. Many streets in New York City have alternative page rules that allow street cleaning. The Alternative Parking Calendar lists public and religious holidays with alternative side parking suspensions planned.

Learn more about alternative on-site parking rules Download the alternative side parking calendar (pdf) If more than one sign is placed for the same area, the most restrictive is the one that applies. If a sign is missing from a block, the rest of the posted regulations are in effect. Please check the entire block and read all signs carefully before parking. All of New York City is a designated towing area under state vehicular and traffic laws. This means that any vehicle that is parked or driven illegally or whose registration or inspection stickers are missing or expired can be towed. On major holidays, stop, stop and park are allowed, except in areas where stop, stop and parking rules apply seven days a week (for example, “No stop at any time”). One. Swimming, paddling pools or swimming are only permitted in areas specifically designated for these activities.

There are no designated public swimming areas along the Mississippi River in the park controlled by the City of Saint Paul. On Lake Como, only cars transported from above are allowed, and the parking of boat trailers is not allowed in the car parks of Como Park. Parking monitoring is the responsibility of the New York City Police Department.